Refrigerator Water Drip Tray Cache For Fridge Water Dispenser From Water Splatter and Spills, 2-Pack


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EASY TO CLEAN: This refrigerator drip tray is easy to clean. You can simply hand or machine wash and air dry. Even after repeated washing, it will not lose its absorbency. Exquisite workmanship, fine stitching, strong tear resistance on the edge, effectively prolonging the service life.


Super Absorbent Material: The refrigerator drip tray is made of high-quality sponge core and super absorbent material, which can quickly absorb water and other liquids, prevent spills from spreading, and keep the refrigerator clean and dry.


Protect Your Refrigerator: Don't let leaks and spills damage your refrigerator. This drip tray mat will protect your refrigerator from moisture and keep it looking and smelling fresh.


EASY TO USE: 3.1*7.9 inches, this drip tray mat is the perfect size for most refrigerators. It's also easy to install and replace, just remove the old pads and replace with new ones. It's the perfect replacement for a worn or damaged drain pan.


PERFECT FIT: This drip tray mat comes in semi-circular and rectangular designs to fit most major refrigerator brands. Effectively absorbs water droplets or spills, eliminating the need for repeated wiping of water spots. (Please pay attention to whether the size of the refrigerator drip tray matches the product before purchasing)



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