What should I do if the refrigerator's ice maker does not make ice

First, make sure that your ice machine has not been accidentally turned off.

You can try common troubleshooting techniques for refrigerators:
Make sure your refrigerator is connected to the water line and the water valve is open.
Check for kinks in the water supply line.
For models equipped with filter 2 w10413645a:
Make sure that the 9030 water filter is properly sealed. Reinstallation is just to make sure. If reinstallation does not work, your filter may become clogged.

If it has been more than 6 months since you last installed a new filter, it may be time to replace it.

For models equipped with dual ice machines:
Check whether the wire arm of the ice maker is allowed to be in the up or down position. Sometimes ice or other objects can prevent the arm from working properly. Also, make sure that the ice tray has been pushed to the back of the shelf. Sometimes this can cause the arm to not work properly.
If the ice cubes clump, it may mean that your ice cubes are not used frequently or your power supply is interrupted. Thaw any ice cubes from the ice maker to prevent the ice maker from clogging.
If your ice cubes are hollow, this may mean that your refrigerator cannot get a stable water supply. Check to make sure your water filter is clogged and the water supply is not restricted. If this does not help, please check your water supply line for any relatives and make sure that the water supply is always on.
The longer the 4396710 water filter is used, the dirtier the contaminants will be. This restricts the flow of water to the ice maker. Make sure to replace the refrigerator water filter every 6 months for best results.



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