Knowledge about refrigerator cleaning

With the increasingly fierce competition in the home appliance market, the appearance and functions of refrigerators on the market have been greatly improved than in the past. Today we will share some common sense of using refrigerators.

Leftovers in the refrigerator need to be sealed. If possible, it is best to transfer to a better-sealed glass tray. Because the exposed food will increase the humidity in the box, the compressor of the refrigerator will continue to work to achieve the dryness standard. In addition, it can cause peculiar smells in the refrigerator.

Leftovers should be cooled before entering the refrigerator or freezer. the reason is simple. Even if you put normal temperature food in the refrigerator, the temperature in the box will rise rapidly in a short time, not to mention that you put hot food or even freshly cooked food in the refrigerator. After the temperature inside the box increases, there are two adverse effects. One is to increase the working pressure of the compressor, and the other is to affect the freshness of other foods in the refrigerator.

In principle, any refrigerator with an ice or water outlet device needs to install a wf3cb water filter. According to the usage of each family, the filter should be replaced every 6 months, preferably no more than a year. After the expiration date, even if the water has no peculiar smell, bacteria may grow. To replace puresource 3 filter element, you can choose the original brand or non-original brand (usually the price is lower). The model of the filter corresponds to the model of the refrigerator. It is best to consult your refrigerator retailer when replacing it for the first time. If your refrigerator has an edr2rxd1 filter replacement reminder (light), you must reset the reminder (light) after installing a new filter. The reset method is similar, you can refer to the user manual. One of the water inlet filters is at the bottom of the refrigerator, and the other is at the upper right corner of the refrigerator.

The refrigerator air filters of the refrigerator mainly plays a deodorizing role. Not every refrigerator is equipped with an air filter. It is best to ask clearly when buying and know where it is. The replacement cycle of the air filter is usually six months to one year.

It is best to vacuum the bottom and back of the refrigerator every six months. For non-built-in refrigerators, that is, free-standing refrigerators, the refrigerator can be moved after opening the wheels on both sides of the bottom. Safety protection measures must be taken during exercise. Place cardboard to protect the kitchen floor.




Used In Brands: Frigidaire, Electrolux

Model: PDA003

Product Size: 6.61 x 4.8 x 0.39

Filter Life: 6 months

Pack Size: 6



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