Ice machine water filter

 We all know that the refrigerator has a built-in water filter. Some of our ice machines also have built-in filtering systems. The ice machine water filter can be easily imported and removed. For some models, install at the part connected to the ice maker. These are the desired online water dispensers.

In the water filter, almost all the components of the filter media in these Ice machine water filters are in the form of particles or carbon blocks. The ice water filtration industry is widely used because it can reduce the chlorine in the water and remove the peculiar smell and odor in the water. Biological reduction disinfection by-products, public organic products and some sediments.

In addition, the water filter of the machine will be equipped with anti-fouling filter media (such as particles) to prevent condensation formed on the surface from adhering to the surface.

Ice machine water filters can also prevent corrosion of other metal surfaces by forming a protective coating, which reflects acidity, color, and factors that may cause corrosion and rust on pipes and metal surfaces. very common. These generally provide sub-micron filtration and remove cysts, particulates, deposits, and abrasives.

Usually, you will find an ice particle activated carbon filter with glass particles or an activated carbon filter with a sub-micron membrane, usually a filter for bottle making machines, vending machines, water coolers, etc. Other combinations are also possible. Water chillers usually contain particulate pollutants and ceramic filter balls, which can reduce scale, reduce purification, and improve production.

The design life of the filter of a general ice maker is 3 to 6 months. When replacing the filter, it is recommended to make the machine at the same time. The general price of a frozen water cooler with more filters can be used for 6 months, and the use period can be extended if it is reasonable. Without sacrificing quality, it is cheaper than other brands-a very good example of effectively removing 24 types of lead. Including, chlorine and industrial vehicles.

The following editor focuses on one:

FS 2 PACK ICE2 F2WC9I1 ice maker

Reduce the smell and pollution of chlorine, and remove 97% of lead and lead.

Molecular number of the bottle:

Whirlpool: 10565350A, 3019657, 4396808, AP5801390, ENF2WC9I1, F2WC9I1, ICE2, KTAF2WC9I1

Compatible Ice Maker Model Numbers:

10689553100, 10689593100, 10689599100, 596.7238241, JIM158XYCX0, JIM158XYCX1, JIM158XYRS0, JIM158XYRS1, MIM1554, MIM1554Z, ND55ZG15XG, ND55ZGIM1XND, ND5ZG15XGIM1

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